Mini Empties for June

I’m terrible at finishing up products since I usually don’t like them enough to use it all the way up or I get distracted by a new product that I decide to test out and never end up getting back to it. My goal has been to try to use up more products in order to get my money’s worth out of a product, even if it is not my favorite. I think the best time to write a review is when you’ve used up the whole product since by then you will have formed a solid opinion on it. My empties for last month are:

  1. Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
  2. Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover
  3. Soap & Glory Hand Food
  4. Nugg Hydrating Face Mask
  5. Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Keep reading to find out what I think of them! Of course, since I’m new to this, I threw away 3 out of the 5 products that I used up -.-

june 2016 empties.jpg

Since I have pretty dry skin, especially in the winter, I try out a lot of lotions and use a lot of lotion. I bought the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream awhile ago so I’m not sure how I got around to acquiring this product, but I remember emilynoel83 talking about it, which probably caused me to buy it since I trust her reviews. This is now my #1, current all-time favorite body cream. After using a scented product for awhile, especially lotions, I tend to get sick of the scent and move on to another product. Not with this one. I love the scent of it, it is fresh and citrus-y and slightly sweet and lingers after application. Some people may hate all of those qualities, but I gravitate towards citrus scents, and I love that the scent lingers since I enjoy the scent. It is also extremely moisturizing and sinks in relatively quickly for a body cream. I tend to reserve body creams for winter months, but I am able to use this in the summer as well since it absorbs so quickly (so I’m not leaving greasy prints everywhere when I’m wearing shorts). My previous favorite body cream, which I still love but is now #2 on my list, is The Body Shop’s Body Butter in Strawberry and Passionfruit. I like the Soap & Glory one a little more because I feel like they are equally moisturizing but The Body Shop’s takes longer to absorb and feels heavier. I enjoy the whipped texture of the body buttercream. I haven’t gotten around to repurchasing this yet, but I know I will eventually, especially when there’s an Ulta sale (they go on sale at Ulta quite frequently) and the winter months start looming closer. In the meantime, I purchased the Sugar Crush 3 in 1 Body Lotion for the summer months during Target’s one day 20% off all beauty sale and will be testing that out.

I have already repurchased another bottle of the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I like it, it does the job, but I don’t think it is the best on the market. However, I like how it is a good option for the drugstore. There are probably more expensive ones on the market that do a better job, but I am content with my Neutrogena one for now. I do feel like I have to work a little harder to remove my mascara and eyeliner with this, but it removes everything else very easily (I use it to remove my whole face of makeup, including difficult to remove lip products such as liquid lipsticks even though it is oil-free). Solid pick if you don’t know any good makeup removers, however I am open to trying other options. It claims no oily residue on the bottle, but I do feel  a little oily after using it. However, it does state to rinse after using, so it’s not one of those cleansers you can leave on your face, and the oily feeling disappears after rinsing so nothing to complain about there.

I also enjoyed Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. It smelled pleasant, but it was not a scent that I could place. It moisturized my hands well without leaving it greasy. It was a lotion I could apply and not have to worry about not being able to open things or feeling greasy. It wasn’t an all-time favorite, but I would consider buying it again if it was on sale. A downside to it was that I had only had it for less than a year before the product began to separate, even though the expiration on the tube said it would be good for 2 years. I’m not sure if I accidentally left it out in the sun or something that caused it to separate early, but that was disappointing. Especially since I brought it with me on a short trip to use and was unable to use it.

The Nugg Hydrating Face Mask was the only product that was disappointing this month. I felt like this was expensive for what it was since it’s over $3 for a single use face mask. Personally, the amount of product included allowed me to use it 2-3 times, but there was no good way to store it after opening it, so I shared it with my parents the one night I tried it. CoffeeBreakWithDani has raved about it a couple times so I was excited to finally try it since I could never find it at my local Target. However, I don’t feel like it did anything for my skin. It had a strange consistency (very gel like) and I did not notice anything different after I used it. I’m just glad that I didn’t react badly to it, but it also didn’t do anything good for me. I’m thinking of trying out the Exfoliating one next time and seeing if it’s better (which I meant to pick up, but accidentally picked up the Hydrating one). If you are looking for these at your Target as well, I found mine in the same aisle as the lotions, near the Vaseline in a small plastic tray.

Last but not least, I finished up another Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Aveeno is probably one of my favorite skin care brands from the drugstore, along with Neutrogena (and I’ve been meaning to try Olay skincare). I’ve been using this lotion for years and years, I’ve probably gone through tons of bottles- my mom bought it from Costco one day and I’ve used it ever since. It is my favorite daily moisturizer. I usually buy them in the bulk packs from Costco since I know I will use them up. It is a great light, but hydrating lotion that I use all over my body and on my face. It’s one of the only lotions I’ve used that fully absorbs into the skin and doesn’t turn into a slick, slimy mess once you wash your hands or come into contact with moisture. I find that with most other lotions I need to reapply every time I wash my hands since they wash right off. The Aveeno one doesn’t. Once it absorbs into my skin, I don’t feel the need to reapply until I get ready for bed at the end of the day. The only time my hands start feeling dry is if I wash my hands an excessive amount, which I’m okay with since I feel like that is normal. I can also use this year round, supplementing it with a more hydrating body cream (such as the Sugar Crush one) during the winter. They also have a stress relief lotion that I want to try as well.

What are some products you’ve used up last month? I’m always looking to try new products!




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