Things I Went to Buy & Left Without: Disappointing Products

Today I will be talking about some products that I heard about on YouTube or social media that sparked my interest, which prompted a visit to either Ulta or Sephora. These are all what I consider mid-end to high-end makeup, or makeup that costs a decent amount of money to me (anything over about $10-12, I’m a student, I need the best bang for my buck). For items like these, if possible, I look up a lot of reviews on them (on YouTube, on blogs, on Instagram, etc). After reading all the reviews and I decide I still want the product, I usually try to test it out in stores for myself to make sure they haven’t been overhyped, since no blog or picture will reflect how the product will perform or look on my skin. Therefore, these are some products that I went in to buy, but left without for whatever reason.

The first of these are the butter london Blush Clutch Wardrobe singles. These weren’t a huge disappointment since I couldn’t really find anything on them online, save for a few blog posts which raved about them. I was just curious about them since they were on sale at Ulta. I had planned on purchasing either Violet or Tiger Lily, but after swatching Violet, I wasn’t all that impressed since it seemed rather chalky to me. In addition, it seemed useless without the Blush Clutch palette to slide into, since it is just a loose blush with no outer packaging to protect it. As a result, I did not end up picking any up.

Benefit Cheekathon. This product is raved about all over YouTube and, I admit, it is a really  good value, which is what drew me to it in the first place (you get 4 full sized blushes and a full size Hoola bronzer for the price of 2 blushes). I have been wanting the Benefit boxed blush in Dallas for the longest time, but the price tag has prevented me from picking it up (& has led me on an endless chase for a dupe). However, I thought this palette would be a good chance to try more of their boxed blushes and the famous Hoola bronzer. Sadly, I was extremely disappointed with how they swatched when I tried it in Sephora. They did not feel as nice as I expected them to for the price tag, and 3 of the blushes barely showed up on my skin. The quality just did not seem up to par with their normal boxed blushes. My suspicions were confirmed with emilynoel83’s review on it, which seems to be the only non-stellar review of it that I have seen. Since I was only really interested in Dallas still, I decided to just wait for the next Sephora VIB sale or Ulta 20% off everything sale to pick it up.

Too Faced PB&J palette, another extremely hyped product. It shows up as “temporarily  out of stock” on Ulta’s site, but “No longer available” on Too faced’s site, so I’m not sure if this is available anymore, but if you were thinking about ordering it on Amazon or Ebay, I’ll still let you know what I think. I was 90% ready to purchase this palette when I went into Ulta that day since I love the orange/purple color scheme (& I love any product that’s scented aka my Chocolate Bar palette), I just needed to swatch it before sealing the deal. I was most excited about the shades Jelly and Jammin to add more pops of purple to my palette, but these shades swatched terribly! I was shocked. There was almost no pigment to Jelly, at least nowhere near what I was expecting from Too Faced, and Jammin was chunky. I was extremely torn, since I loved how Peanut Butter, Peanut Brittle, and Nuts About You looked, even though they look somewhat similar. I wasn’t extremely excited about Bananas, Extra Creamy, and Peanut Butter Cup since they seem pretty dupable and Spread the Love was good but not anything exciting to me. I really wanted to love this palette, but the performance was not near what I wanted it to be in order for me to pay the $36 for it, which surprised me since it is talked about so highly on YouTube, though many people mentioned that Jelly wasn’t as good but they mostly just glossed over it. So sadly, I did not pick up this palette either.

ABH Glow palette in Gleam. I’ll admit that the pictures on Instagram are what caught my eye, but the price was more than I was willing to pay for highlighters. However, I thought it was a relatively good deal, since you are essentially paying $10 for each highlighter, which is 0.26 oz each. Of course, I was going to swatch it before buying. The palette caught my eye when I was walking around Sephora one day, since it was so shiny (& I’m like a bird, I’m attracted to shiny things). I swatched all four, then proceeded to look around as I contemplated shelling out the $40 for it. I loved the formula, which felt extremely smooth, and I liked the effect most of them gave (a nice sheen). It would be unlike any of my other highlighters, which have been drugstore (Elf, Revlon, Wet n Wild) plus thebalm’s Mary LouManizer. However, I decided that I would not pick up Gleam since I didn’t like the colors on me. They were beautiful, but I felt like they were too cool-toned and pink for my skin. I did end up picking up the warmer toned palette that they had, called That Glow, which I believe is only sold at Macy’s and Ulta. (I will be doing a review of That Glow soon!)

UD x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette. You know how you get gut feelings about things? That’s what happened with this palette. There’s nothing really wrong with the quality of the blushes, I just wasn’t all that excited about this when I swatched it in stores and couldn’t really see myself using it a lot. I’ve found that even if a product is raved about, you shouldn’t buy it unless you genuinely like it and are excited to use it, because in the end, you are the one paying for it and you will be the one using it. For a blush palette, it seemed like there were only 2 blushes, and then there are 2 more bronzer-like colors, one highlighter, and one interesting blush topper/highlighter color. The color OC in this palette reminded me of Hard Candy from the ABH Glow Kit in Gleam, both of which I thought looked really pretty, but I wasn’t sure how it would look on the face. The only colors that I was interested in from this palette were Easy and Lo-fi, but even when it was on sale, I couldn’t justify buying a whole palette for only 2 colors.

What are some products that you went to buy, but left without? Let me know if you love any of the products I mentioned above!


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