Things I Went to Buy & Left Without: Disappointing Products

Today I will be talking about some products that I heard about on YouTube or social media that sparked my interest, which prompted a visit to either Ulta or Sephora. These are all what I consider mid-end to high-end makeup, or makeup that costs a decent amount of money to me (anything over about $10-12, I’m a student, I need the best bang for my buck). For items like these, if possible, I look up a lot of reviews on them (on YouTube, on blogs, on Instagram, etc). After reading all the reviews and I decide I still want the product, I usually try to test it out in stores for myself to make sure they haven’t been overhyped, since no blog or picture will reflect how the product will perform or look on my skin. Therefore, these are some products that I went in to buy, but left without for whatever reason.

The first of these are the butter london Blush Clutch Wardrobe singles. These weren’t a huge disappointment since I couldn’t really find anything on them online, save for a few blog posts which raved about them. I was just curious about them since they were on sale at Ulta. I had planned on purchasing either Violet or Tiger Lily, but after swatching Violet, I wasn’t all that impressed since it seemed rather chalky to me. In addition, it seemed useless without the Blush Clutch palette to slide into, since it is just a loose blush with no outer packaging to protect it. As a result, I did not end up picking any up. Continue reading


Makeup Trend I Tried & Didn’t Like: Matte Lips

Matte lips have been all the rage lately and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. More and more brands have been coming out with their own versions of a matte lipstick or matte liquid lipstick. I can see the appeal in a matte lip, for instance they tend not to feather outside of your lip lines and they tend to be very long-lasting as well as budge proof. However, I hate the feeling of most matte lips and the way they look on me personally. I find that practically all of the matte lip products I’ve tried usually emphasize my lip lines. Granted, I haven’t tried a whole ton of matte lip products because I don’t really enjoy them. As someone who tends to always have lip balm nearby, I like the feel of moisturized and hydrated lips. Though some matte formulas are more comfortable than others, I find that none of the ones I’ve tried have been moisturizing, and of course I didn’t expect them to, but that is the type of texture I prefer. I will occasionally bust out a matte lip if I’m wearing a more intense color, such as a red. But for everyday, I think I’m going to stick with my trusty tinted lip balms, creamy lipsticks, and lip glosses. Continue reading

Surprise Beauty Finds!

Today I ventured into my local T.J. Maxx because I had seen on Instagram that some people were finding the discontinued Kat Von D Shade & Light blushes there and I was hoping my T.J. Maxx would have some as well. I know they had some pretty mixed reviews, where some people found the formula extremely dry and unpigmented, whereas others liked that it was not so pigmented. Since they were on sale, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them out for myself.

Of course, trying to find stuff at T.J. Maxx is hit and miss- sometimes you come away with nothing and other times you hit a gold mine. So naturally, I did not find any of the Kat Von D blushes, but I did find some other great products, both of which I believe are discontinued unfortunately, but that’s usually how they end up at a T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s. I was also surprised that the products I found had not been swatched already or broken, which is the state I usually find products at T.J. Maxx. Continue reading

Sale alert! Mini Ulta Haul & more first impressions

I recently visited my local Ulta since I had been meaning to return a couple products, which were lip products I bought on their website after looking at many swatches online, but unfortunately I’m still terrible at judging whether a color will look good on me and the colors I chose looked terrible on me, which was sad since they were beautiful colors. Anyways, I digress. It was the perfect time to head in since that morning I had received an email from Ulta that had an ad for 50% off the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lip liners, lip sticks, and lip glosses (sale lasts until 6/15, in store and online)! For 50%, I’d be willing to try anything. So of course, I looked up some reviews and swatches before I went in so I had a good idea of what I wanted. It was somewhat of a success! I spent less than an hour in Ulta (lol), I returned two lip products, and walked out with three and only paid $4! (It was only a partial success because I went in for two products and ended up with three…) Continue reading

BeautyKind Haul & First Impressions

One of my favorite bloggers I follow is Jen from Budget Beauty Blog. She posts lots of great reviews and deals on everything from drugstore to high-end makeup. I recently came across this post of hers about an online store called BeautyKind, where they give 5% of your purchase to a cause of your choice, which I think is great! The kicker was that she had a code that gave you $50 off a $75 purchase (nope, you didn’t read that wrong). She gave some great recommendations, as did the people in the comment section. Unfortunately, by the time I got to browsing the site, some of the hot ticket items (Laura Geller Gilded Honey) were already sold out. Nevertheless, I still found some great things and placed an order, which is why we’re here now. I have swatched all the products (couldn’t help myself) but I haven’t had a chance to test them out for qualities like wear time, which I can update later. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon and check out BeautyKind, hopefully this will inspire you.  Continue reading


Welcome to my blog!

I decided to jump into the beauty blogging world for two reasons: 1. I love playing with makeup 2. I was unsatisfied with the options I had. I found that it was relatively difficult to find reviews and swatches of makeup on people with my skin tone (for reference, I have Asian skin tone/warm-toned that is more yellow-leaning). So here I am, hopefully adding to the number of options available.

My blog is called beautyimo, which stands for “beauty in my opinion”, because everyone has different skin types, skin tones, and preferences, so this blog will be about what I think about makeup and you are free to take and leave whatever you’d like.

In short, welcome! I hope you stick around. Bear with me as I figure out this new blogging thing and mess around with the page.